Camelot Theme Park Rides

July 8, 2010 | By tctQauapOX | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Camelot is a Theme Park in North West of England. Naturally, with a name like that, it is based around the legend of King Arthur, and the Camelot theme park rides generally follow this theme too.

Camelot is a fun family day out but it is unlikely to satisfy roller coaster enthusiasts. Knightmare is the most intense of the rides and does offer a good thrill, hitting an impressive 5Gs at times.

Apart from Knightmare, there’s Whirlwind, Excalibur, The Log Flume, and a bunch of more child friendly rides, but they’re all standard fare.

By all means take the kids and have a family day out – you’ll have fun – but don’t expect a day of thrills from the rides.

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